5 Animals That can Kill A Crocodile

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the 5 Animals That can Kill A Crocodile.

Crocodiles are members of the order Crocodilia the same order as other croc like reptilians including Alligators and Caimans. They are located in many parts of the world mostly in Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. They vary widely in size and shape, with the biggest being saltwater Crocs. Crocodiles can weigh over 1000 KG (1.1 US Tons) and are truly massive beasts and savage killers.

Crocodiles are super swimmers and have the upper hand in the water. They are also sneaky creatures and usually creep up on prey. Crocodiles have one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom and a single bite can easily kill most prey.  A scary technique employed by crocodiles is to clutch into their prey and spin them down the waters to drown them. Brutal Isn’t It?

1. Killer Whales.
Killer Whales, also known as Orcas are one of the biggest animals in the deep sea. They are huge and can easily out weight most crocodiles.
Killer whales have large bites and can easily crush crocodiles even with their heavy armored bodies. A Crocodile’s jaw is much small in comparison to the Whale’s overall body size and will cause little if no damage at all.
Killer whales have another advantage: they are Mammals so they are better thinkers, while Crocodiles on the other hand use their pre-programmed instincts.
If crocodiles are kings of shallow waters, Killer Whales are Kings of the deep sea, and can easily kill any sized croc.

2. Hippopotamus.
Hippos are gigantic animals that can easily defend themselves against any animal including Crocodiles. An Adult Hippo has one of the largest teeth in the animal kingdom and can easily stab a crocodile to death.

Their skin also has many protective layers that can help them against crocodile attacks.

They are super fast for their size and can charge with tremendous speeds; crushing anything and everything in their path.
Crocodiles usually only attack young and weak Hippos; and could win in this case, but against a fully grown Hippo, it’s a suicide mission.

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3. Lions.
Lions and Crocodiles usually get into conflict with each other in the wild. They are both determined killers and can inflict serious damage to each other. So the outcome depends on the circumstances. In the water, the Crocodile will probably win as it has much better maneuverability and is very sneaky when planning an attack. This is effective even against lions and can in many cases wound them to death or at least cripple them. However on land, it’s a totally different situation and Lions have a greater advantage as crocodiles are slow on land, and Lions can attack it from behind.
In most cases, it can end up badly for all parties involved and both of these killers are wise enough to avoid such deadly encounters, a single bite from either can render the opponent useless when it comes to survival.

4. Tigers.
Tigers are another big cat that can kill a crocodile and for the same reasons. Tigers have even better agility and stronger bite than Lions and will be more effective in executing the attack. Tigers usually avoid strong opponents even more than Lions do as they are solo hunters and depend on their well-being to survive, whereas Lions hunt in groups so an injury like this can be less devastating to their survival.
Even with this avoidance technique in place; Sumatran and Bengal Tigers usually find themselves in fights with crocodiles and in many cases they end up killing the crocodile.

5. Jaguars.
And last but not least are Jaguars. Although smaller in size than both Lions and Tigers, they are none-the-less fierce predators. Pound for pound Jaguars have even stronger bites than Tigers. While the massive saltwater crocodile can be difficult to subdue, Jaguars can kill smaller crocodiles, and in-fact they usually hunt and kill Caimans that they encounter in the wild.

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