5 Powerful Animals That Can Kill a Tiger

Tigers are the largest of the big cats and a sign of strength and power to many ancient civilizations, even to this day. Coming up are 5 encounters that can end up with the Tiger getting killed. Stay tuned until the end of the video for an extra bonus.

1. Saltwater Crocodiles
Unlike other big cats; Tigers love to swim, and many times this occurs in Crocodile infested waters.
Crocodiles are super swimmers and have the upper hand in the water. They are also sneaky creatures and usually creep up on prey. Crocodiles have one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom and a single bite can kill a non vigilant Tiger.

2. Brown Bears

Brown Bears are powerful beasts with massive bodies. They commonly get into conflict with Tigers since they compete over similar food sources. Tiger sometimes hunt Bears when other food sources are lacking, but Bears are formidable opponents and not easy targets. An interesting study shows that one on one fights between Tigers and Brown Bears ends up twice the time in the Tiger’s favor, but many times the Bear kills the Tiger.

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3. Water Buffaloes

Water Buffaloes are gigantic animals and can kill almost anything in their way, they also have the aggression to back it up. Tigers typically ambush Water Buffaloes and can kill them if determined, but their stealthy attack doesn’t always go to plan and many times the tables get turned.

4. Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros are another huge animal and is built like a tank. Tigers are aware that these Animals are not easy to hunt so they usually avoid them. Most encounters occur with injured or baby Rhinoceros though as they are much easier targets.

5. Asian Elephant

It goes without saying, Elephants are so much larger than Tigers, they have the mass to crush them without much effort. A one on one battle between an Elephant and a Tiger is surely a bloody one, Lets just say its a huge gamble for the Tiger.

Bonus: African Lion

This is a bonus because Lions and Tigers don’t cross paths in the wild, they are worlds apart. But for the sake of comparison; fights that occur in captivity end up mostly with the Tiger being victorious, mostly due to a larger size and stronger bite. But many of these encounters ends up with the Lion killing the Tiger.

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