7 Strong Animals That Can Kill a Grizzly Bear

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the 7 Animals That Can Kill a Grizzly Bear.

Grizzly bears are the biggest and fiercest type of bears living today. They pack huge amount of muscles and attacks with extreme aggression. A few animals can withstand a fight with a fully grown Grizzly Bear, but the Animals we have coming up have a huge chance of winning and even killing a Bear.

1. Crocodile

Crocodiles are super swimmers and have the upper hand in the water. They are also sneaky creatures and usually creep up on prey. Crocodiles have one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom and a single bite can easily kill a Bear. Crocodiles frequently kill animals much more massive than Grizzly Bears, without much effort. Another technique employed by crocodiles is to clutch into their prey and spin it down the waters to drown it. Scary isn’t it?

2. Rhinoceros
Rhinoceroses are another huge animals that are built like a tank. They have been seen tumbling cars as if they were toys. A single grizzly bear has no chance against a raging Rhino, they are simply too strong of an opponent. A Bear’s teeth and claws can cause very little damage to a Rhino due to its sheer size and robust built. A Rhino can stab a bear to death with its body piercing thorn. 

3. Hippopotamus
Hippos are gigantic animals that can easily defend themselves against any Bear including Grizzlies. An Adult Hippo has one of the largest teeth in the animal kingdom and can easily stab a grizzly to death.
Their skin also has many protective layers that can help them against bear attacks.
They are super fast for their size and can charge with tremendous speeds; crushing anything and everything in their path.

4. Elephant

Elephants are so much larger than Bears, they have the mass to crush them without much effort. The sheer size of an Elephant will scare the hell out of any Bear, and force it to flee the scene. A one-on-one battle between an Elephant and a Bear is surely a bloody one, and its definitely not in the Bears best interest to engage in such a fight.
5. Tiger

Bears and Tigers try to avoid each other in the wild. They are clever enough to understand that a serious injury to any of them can be the end of their hunting careers. Fights that occur in captivity end up mostly with the Tiger being victorious, mostly due to agility and determination.

6. Buffalo

Buffaloes are gigantic animals and can kill almost anything in their way, they also have the aggression to back it up. Buffaloes are very protective of their young and other members of the family and in most situations will protect them to death. Bears typically ambush Buffaloes and can kill them if determined, but their stealthy attack doesn’t always go to plan and frequently the tables get turned.

7. African Lion

Lions and Bears don’t cross paths in the wild, as there are no Bears in Africa. But for the sake of comparison; fights that occur in captivity end up mostly with the Lion being victorious, mostly due to better fighting techniques. But rarely some of these encounters end up with the Bear killing the Lion.

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