8 Strong Animals That Can Kill a Lion

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the top 8 Animals That Can Kill a Lion.

Lions are one of the strongest cats in the animal kingdom and are considered Apex predators. But sometimes this beast of an animal can be the victim to other strong animals. These animals don’t usually initiate the attack, but they fiercely defend themselves once attacked. Coming up are 8 encounters that can end up with the Lion getting killed.

1. Hippopotamus

Hippos are gigantic animals that can easily defend themselves against fully grown male lions.

An Adult Hippo has one of the largest teeth in African animals and can easily stab a lion to death.

Their skin also has many protective layers that can help them against lion bites.

They are super fast for their size and can charge with tremendous speeds; crushing anything in their path, including Lions.

2. Buffalo

Buffaloes are gigantic animals and can kill almost anything in their way, they also have the aggression to back it up. Buffaloes are very protective of their young and other members of the family and in most situations will protect them to death. Lions typically ambush Buffaloes and can kill them if determined, but their stealthy attack doesn’t always go to plan and frequently the tables get turned.

3. Crocodile

Lions hate the waters, but many times they are forced to cross a river to get to the other side. Unfortunately, these waters are usually infested with huge Crocodiles.
Crocodiles are super swimmers and have the upper hand in the water. They are also sneaky creatures and usually creep up on prey. Crocodiles have one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom and a single bite can kill a non-vigilant Lion. Another technique used by crocodiles is to clutch into their prey and spin it down the waters to drown it. Scary isn’t it?

4. African Elephant

Elephants are so much larger than Lions, they have the mass to crush them without much effort. Usually, the entire pride coordinates together to take down a single full-grown elephant. But in most cases, they only target weak or elderly elephants. A one-on-one battle between an Elephant and a Lion is surely a bloody one, let’s just say it’s a huge gamble for the Lion.

5. Giraffe

Although giraffes seem tall and slender; they pack huge amounts of muscle, especially in their thighs. Their legs are so powerful that a single kick can severely cripple a Lion if it hits a vital sweet spot. In fact, a giraffe’s kick can generate about 2000 PSI of skull-crushing force. Giraffes also use their necks as a weapon and can swing it towards an offender with great force. Few animals can withstand such a force and the Lions are certainly not one of them.

6. Bears

Brown Bears are powerful beasts with massive bodies. They are formidable opponents and not easy targets. Bears have protective fur and a thick layer of fat that can give them extra protection against Lion attacks. There are no bears in Africa, so wild encounters are almost non-existence, I say almost, because there has been a number of recorded cases of attacks but mostly in human-made sanctuaries and parks. In history, there were several arranged fights where Bears were pitted against lions. In most cases, the Lion won the fight, but sometimes the Bear kills the Lion.

7. Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros are another huge animals that are built like a tank. Lions are aware that these Animals are not easy to hunt so they usually avoid them. Most encounters occur with injured or baby Rhinoceros though as they are much easier targets. But if a Rhinoceros finds itself in a fight situation it will certainly defend itself with all its power, and the result is not good for the Lion.

8. Tigers

Lions and Tigers don’t cross paths in the wild, they are worlds apart. But for the sake of comparison; fights that occur in captivity end up mostly with the Tiger being victorious, mostly due to a larger size and stronger bite. Although sometimes many of these encounters end up with the Lion killing the Tiger.

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